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Practical Guide to Planning Your Wild Adventure With a Catamaran Kayak

When it comes to adventure, there's nothing quite like paddling a catamaran kayak. It offers the right blend of excitement and relaxation, making them perfect for anyone looking for an unforgettable experience.  If you're thinking of taking a wild adventure with a catamaran kayak, you need to plan ahead. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of planning your trip so that you can focus on enjoying yourself.   What Is a Catamaran Kayak?   A catamaran kayak is a type of kayak that has two hulls. This makes it more stable and allows for more space inside, making it perfect for storing gear or bringing along a pet.   The best part about kayaking is that it's a great...

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Outside People mag - reviews Super Kayak

Translated from Outdoors People Magazine - Sep 2020   In the past summer months, to our great delight, we were given the opportunity to test the Super Kayak prototype on our Adriatic. We were especially pleased with the fact that we are the first in the world to be given this opportunity and that after detailed testing we participated with the designer and originator of this project Kirk Kirchev in perfecting and finishing the final details of the kayak. As it is still a prototype, we will not go into the final details such as dimensions and weight, because of course everything is still subject to change. Construction: What immediately attracts the attention of this vessel at first glance is the...

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