About us

Our mission

There is a common dilemma:

If we empower humanity - we consume and destroy the planet, I’d we save the planet - we have to restrict humanity somehow. This is the usual assumption - because human activity exploits the planet

However, there may be a 3rd possibility - the ideal outcome - where humans live in harmony with the planet.

For that to happen, first - we humans have to learn to appreciate the natural world , only then we can take steps to preserve it. But, you cannot force people to love or appreciate something. Instead - you can entice them to do so. By inviting them to observe the most fascinating and beautiful parts of our planet - we can create this appreciation.

But first - you have to get them there. Amongst the trees, along the rivers, between the waterfalls.

This is the purpose of our enterprise.


It’s not just about saving the planet, though. Today we have sedentary, domesticated lifestyles and this brews a whole myriad of degenerative health conditions.

We aim to inspire a more outdoorsy, active and interesting lifestyle by designing exciting, fun, yet safe and comfortable equipment. To entice humans out of their comfort zone for a taste of adventure and exploration to the most magical parts of our planet.

Let’s go. Before it’s too late.

Our story 

2002 London, UK

The Human Powered Vehicle project at my alma matter Central St Martins College of art and Design lands flat on its face. Good try but no cigar  

2010 the River Lee - London 

Catamarans are faster and more stable than monohulls!”
This was the thought passing through my head whilst trying to catch up with my more experienced and fitter kayaker friends. Tthey were paddling hard - squeezing through the undergrowth of one of the many Thames’ tributaries in an old part of east London. The only wilderness adventure you could get to within driving distance. 
From the little sailing experience I knew that catamarans are superior to monohulls in many ways. More space, more speed, more stability…

and right then, as a novice kayaker - speed and stability seemed like the unreachable Holy Grail. 

Fast forward 10 years, and some radical designs of outdoorsy gear, and here it is - the old idea of a fast and stable catamaran kayak.

This time, with more knowledge, experience in the outdoors industry, and a strong spirit of determination.


2020 - 1st successful prototype - built & tested 

September of that year - first sea trials and white water rapids - complete

May 2021 Successfully funded on Kickstarter 

June 2021 Full scale production begins.  

September 2021 Shipping of first batch completed. 

October 2021 - Outboard motor testing

March 2022 - Mens Journal and GQ magazine feature Super Kayak in their spring issues “The Next Big Thing” 

June 2022 - new designs being tested to bring refinement and simplicity - watch this space. Follow us on FB or Insta for updates