About us

How did we get here. 

2010 London UK

Catamarans are faster and more stable than monohulls!”
This was the thought passing through my head whilst trying to catch up with my experienced and fitter kayaker friends. We were paddling hard - squeezing through the undergrowth of one of the many Thames’ tributaries in an old part of east London. The only wilderness adventure you could get to within driving distance. 
From the little sailing experience that I had I knew that catamarans are superior to monohulls in many ways. More space, more speed, more stability…

and right then, as a novice kayaker - speed and stability seemed to me like the unreachable Holy Grail. 

Fast forward 10 years, a product design degree, and some radical designs of outdoor gear, and here I am back to the idea of a fast and stable catamaran kayak.

This time, with more knowledge, experience in the outdoors industry, and a strong spirit of determination.



July 2020 Founder Kirk Kirchev tests 1st successful prototype

September 2020 first sea trials and white water rapids - complete

May 2021 Successfully funded on Kickstarter 

June 2021 Full scale production initiated

September 2021 Shipping of first batch completed. 

October 2021 - Outboard motor testing



For more of our radical designs - visit www.spidertents.com