Our mission

Our purpose:

There is a common dilemma:

If we empower humanity - we consume and destroy the planet, I’d we save the planet - we have to restrict humanity somehow. This is the usual assumption - because human activity exploits the planet

However, there may be a 3rd possibility - the ideal outcome - where humans live in harmony with the planet.

For that to happen, first - we humans have to learn to appreciate the natural world , only then we can take steps to preserve it. But, you cannot force people to love or appreciate something. Instead - you can entice them to do so. By inviting them to observe the most fascinating and beautiful parts of our planet - we can create this appreciation.

But first - you have to get them there. Amongst the trees, along the rivers, between the waterfalls.

This is the purpose of our enterprise.


It’s not just about saving the planet, though. Today we have sedentary, domesticated lifestyles and this brews a whole myriad of degenerative health conditions.

We aim to inspire a more outdoorsy, active and interesting lifestyle by designing exciting, fun, yet safe and comfortable equipment. To entice humans out of their comfort zone for a taste of adventure and exploration to the most magical parts of our planet.

Let’s go!

One planet, one life, let’s make the most of it. Before it’s too late.


So, why a kayak?

2/3 of the surface of our planet is water - so - if we want to explore it - we need a water vehicle. And theoretically the best water vehicle is a large yacht. It’s comfortable and luxurious etc, but it has some critical faults. Fist - costs, second - range - you likely don’t have your own dock and so you’ll need to travel to where your boat is parked and then you won’t get farther than a couple of hundred miles from shore before running out of  fuel.  And finally - it’s not that much fun.  small vehicles are fun and larger vehicle are not. Think skateboard vs a truck. or a motorbike vs a bus. The smaller vehicles are more fun to ride. But, they also have fatal downsides - serious lack of safety and … again - lack of range.

And so - at this point people just give up. And go back to driving.

But what if you have a small and affordable water craft that has a humongous range AND some decent safety too?! Eh?!

Yes, you can take an inflatable kayak on an airplane and reach the shores of Limpopo or lake Titikaka if you want, the most remote and unexplored places that won’t even rent you a kayak, let alone a decent one. AND - now you have stability (hence safety) that is unparalleled in kayaks