Binana 1.5person kayak
Binana 1.5person kayak
Binana 1.5person kayak
Binana 1.5person kayak
Binana 1.5person kayak
Binana 1.5person kayak
Binana 1.5person kayak
Binana 1.5person kayak
Binana 1.5person kayak
Binana 1.5person kayak

Binana 1.5person kayak

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New for 2022 - a larger, more capable boat that still packs lightweight at around 10kg/22lbs.  Bring you kid or dog along for the ride - with large deck space and increased load capacity.  

The double floats provide bomber stability at the rapids and still glide trough the water - smooth and easy. The catamaran stability and load capacity adds SAFETY- for your peace of mind. No SUP board can match this now.
The seat is also - padded, comfortable and higher than the level of your feet - to allow better posture and ergonomics even through the most extreme kayaking sessions.

#Portability. This model packs into an even ligter bag now together with the pump and paddles. It only takes 4-5 minutes to inflate. You can board quickly between the floats, making it an excellent platform for your swimming or snorkeling. 


In a nutshell - it is the world’s latest super stable and portable kayak that you can take on your water adventures. Now Bigger, yet - still easily  portable.

Think of it this way - if the original Super Kayak is a sports car, the Binana is an SUV  


Fast  and efficient - slim floats shape - for a smooth, effortless glide  

Super stable  - increased Stability also means - increased SAFETY  

Packs in a handy bag. Including the pump and paddles, fin etc

Simple - 4 minute inflate. No tools or instructions needed. Quality double action SUP board pump - included 

Comfortable - stable elevated seating positionfor,  more natural posture and feeling of control. No more sitting in bilge water.   

Easy boarding between the floats. Super useful for snorkeling trips!

Durable - as stiff and sturdy as a SUP board, 4 layer reinforced PVC bottom. As tough as a RIB boat 

only on beware of online scams



Dimensions: L - 12ft /3.60m, W - 3ft / 91cm, H - 1ft /30cm (1.5ft including the seat)

Size in the bag: L - 28”/68cm, W - 20”/50cm, H - 12”/30cm

Weight - 22lbs / 10kg   

Max load capacity -  440lbs/200kg

Material - inflatable, 

Recommended air pressure - Approx 3psi/0.2bar.

Cruising speed - 4-5kmh/3mph,  Max speed - 10kmh/6mph (estimated)

Accessories included - 4 piece Paddle, Carry Bag, Hand Pump, Repair kit, removable 10inch Skeg/Fin

Bag design and color may vary  



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2 years

Beware of scams. Do your research. Binana sells only on

Read all warnings. Do not forget your PFD (personal flotation device). Stay away from rapids, reverse currents, standing waves and fast flowing currents, shipping lanes etc…